Cost of a safari to Africa

In this article we are going to breakdown the cost of a safari to Africa.

How much does it cost to go on a safari to Africa?

A guide to Kenya safari prices.

The cost of a safari trip depends on a number of factors, these include the time of travel, type of safari, duration of safari, accommodation, transport and number of people in a group.

Time of Travel

During peak seasons ,that is, December, most hotels and lodges are fully booked and prices are at their peak. The best time to go on safari is between July and October.

Type of Safari

The cost of a wildlife safari will be different from gorilla trekking or mountain climbing or walking safari or biking safari.

Optional Activities

While unlimited game drives between 6 am and 6 pm are included in all of our safaris, there are a number of optional activities that can be added to your safari. These range from relatively affordable adventures such as guided walking safaris to pricier options such as hot air balloon safaris. 

Duration of Safari

The cost of a safari is determined by the duration. A two day safari is going to be cheaper than a five-day.


Accommodation is included in the total cost of a safari. Expect the cost of safari to be more expensive when you are staying in 5 star accommodation compared to budget or 3 star accommodation. To keep your safari cost low if you are on a tight budget it is advisable to ask for low cost accommodation and book atleast 3 months in advance for best rates.


The price of a safari by air is higher than road safari and road safari by van is slightly cheaper than safari by jeep or any 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Number of people in a group

Usually the price per person for a safari for two or more people is lower than for a solo traveller, the larger the group the lower the price.

One person on their own is not only paying for their park entry fees and accommodation, but also bears the full cost of the car, driver, and all associated fees. On the flip side, six people sharing a 4WD Land Cruiser are splitting the cost six ways and enjoy a much lower per person cost. 

From the above factors it is evident that a four-day camping safari with six people is going to be cheaper per person than a five-day luxury safari for two people. 

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